Thursday, August 01, 2013

a fast 8km first thing in the morning

I had my first B Complex injection last night and will be getting another next week...then a fortnight after that.  The dr said I should notice a big difference in a few days.   Yay cant wait as I am over feeling so fatigued all the time and I just put it down to stress and not sleeping properly.  He recons I have been low in B12 for at least two or three years.   wow.

With my new job comes new hours.  I will be working 9am to 5:30pm so that puts training at night out its morning training for me.  Eeekkkkk as I am NOT a morning person.  While I am training I am doing 10 to 4 so I thought I would start today and easy my body into earlier and earlier.

so at 7.30am I headed out to do 8km.  I started out at 85% and felt good.  It felt easy but my legs felt pretty heavy and empty.  Still they were turning over and thats the main thing.  I also decided to walk to the km splits going by my GPS today rather than the marks on the walk way.  I will calibrate my foot pod on Sunday and I am interested to see how it measures then.

At 4km I turned to do the next 2km back along the path way and I was feeling tired but noticed that I was doing just under 6min pace.....hmmm ok.... maybe the kms are a bit short???? so I thought I would push hard for my last 2km and see how my body responds.  I was pretty amazed that it responded well and my legs didnt feel so dead anymore.  I was starting to breath harder ... Not gasping ... just working it.  For my last km I was giving it 100% effort.  Now to see how I go during the day and how I feel tonight.

Total time for 8km was 47:01
AVG pace = 5:52
AVG HR = 153 (max was 174)
AVG cadence = 88 steps per min
Training effort = 5 (definitely agree with that!!!) lol

8km data

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