Sunday, August 18, 2013

Qld Masters 10km Championship Race - Murarrie Course

Waking up at 4.30am is not my idea of a fun Sunday.  I drove into Murarrie today and picked up Kay and Denise on the way.  I have been unwell for the last 3 days.  My stomach has been playing up and I have been suffering diarrhea and bad stomach cramps, so I was in two minds to flag this race.  I tried to walk to warm up and I had sharp pains in my lower stomach.  It did come right so I figured I can start the race and pull out if it got too bad.  In this warm up I also noticed my 2nd problem.  I had grabbed the wrong left foot sock had slipped down into the shoe and I knew it was going to rub.

I am also testing out my 2nd far its just not working for me.   Gun goes off and we are away.  Pete and Dean were doing the 20km while the rest of us were walking the 10km.  My first km and the garmin watch chirps 25m before the start/finish line....GREAT!!! so now all my pacing on the watch is going to be out.  I also made the mistake of pressing the stop and not the pause....I discovered this about 2mins later.  So I lost 400m in my distance.

By 4km I was having lots of problems.......I could feel my foot rubbing against my shoe and new I had a beauty blister forming.  I was also getting sharp stomach cramps every 5 or so minutes and was struggling to remain upright as they cramped.  But instead of stopping I kept at it and just kept walking.

Each of my km splits were around the 5:50 - 5:52 and seemed consistent - which surprised me for how I was feeling.  I was even more surprised to finish the race in 58:17

Garmin Data here - note....while the data says 10km my time is only 56:00 so my garmin is measuring everything long.
10 km data

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