Friday, August 02, 2013

10 km along a new pathway

Day Two - post Bcomplex injection and I have to say WOW!  I had a crappy nights sleep but I woke up feeling awake but most interesting was my legs felt fresh - not zonked after the fast 8km.

I had decided to drive up to Main Beach and head along the walkway there out to the Spit.  This would give me the first 2 km on paved pathway and approx 3km out to the spit on the packed gravel/sand bike ways.  Turns out right at the spit I had to detour at 4.3km to the road as there was a movie being shot with army and police shooting each other....I didnt feel like getting shot today.

I started out and slotted into a nice easy steady pace.  I took no notice of my watch as today was to be a nice recovery walk so minimal effort.  So I was rather surprised to be feeling fantastic and to see my first km at 6:08 .... hmmm coolies.  I kinda figured I would fatigue fast as this is the normal .. especially at the 4km mark but NOT today.  Today I remained feeling fresh and strong the whole walk.  Infact when I had to detour on to the road and it was smooth tarseal.....I found I was really zipping along and was shocked to see my 5 and 6th kms both recording 5:35 and 5:47 - for little effort!!!!!

I loved this is by far my most enjoyable scenery wise todate!!  the mountain bike section while yes was packed dirt and gravel was still easy to walk on and much nicer than concrete.  I had birds and butterflys flitting around me and the sea to watch as well.  Yes it had rises all along but they were not too hard to go up and just made the whole walk so much more fun and one that I will do more often now.

So now I am home after my walk and I still feel energetic ... I dont feel like I need to nap or my eyes are out on stalks.  Ok so its only 10am but this is not what I normal feel like...right now I feel GREAT and its really making me see how crappy I was feeling.  Man why did I not ever get this checked in the past....why do Dr's just assume its iron and only test for that????  I cant wait for my second shot next week.  If I feel this good already and its only day 2....I am going to be AWESOME in two weeks!!!!

Total time for 10km is 1:00:27
Avg pace = 6:03
Avg Hr = 151
Avg SPM = 86

10km data

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