Sunday, August 04, 2013

5000m club race at St Lucia

It was another early start.  We all met up at Movie World carpark and carpooled with Paul into Brisbane.  It was going to be a gorgeous day.  I was excited to start this race.  I wanted to see how I was getting along with my training and my B complex shots.  Plus I get to test out my new watch.

I went out and did the 800m the watch needs to calibrate the foot pod...but in hindesite - maybe I should have turned off the gps ??  it seems to have screwed with it.

Race starts and the young ones took off as to be expected.  Paul shot past me and I thought...YEAH...we are going to have a great race today....but about 800m I past him and quickly settled into my pace.  I felt comfortable the whole way.  I was annoyed when my watch chimed the first 1km mark......about 100m away from the 1 km mark.  But I had turned off auto lap and so I pressed the lap button...only I didnt press hard enough.  My first km was 5:35.......the watch then chimed for the next 1km mark only this time it was 200m early......oh man...even my other watch was not that badly out on the track.  I made a mistake on the laps and pressed lap 200m early...but that was easily fixed.

I was thrilled to finish the race in 27:55 - this is my fastest 5000m since moving here.  the annoying thing is my watch tells me that I walked 5.76km so all my avg pace is out.  My lap splits are there BUT if I go into the reverts back to the gps measures.  .....  I still need to look into the settings I think.

SIDE NOTE:  I turned off GPS and set it to read off my foot pod and walked the 2km broadwalk course...the gps measures it short by at least 10m per km....the foot pod measures it the first km the watch said it was 995m.

5000 m race

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