Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Whats been happening and an 8km walk

So where do I start.  For some time I have felt tired and have been struggling with my workouts.  Some days are great and some are really bad.  I only train about 4 times a week and I just couldn't work out what was going on with me.  I used to train 5 - 6 days a week and walk up to 50 - 60 km per week and here I am struggling to get out 30????  One of my friends in USA discovered she was very low in B12 and has started in on the slow recovery by taking oral B12 tablets.  At this time I thought I would google what B12 is and noted that I had almost 3/4 of the symptoms and I remember discussing this with Jim and Tammy at different times......and so I started taking B12 as well.  Didnt think it could do me any harm.

So needless to say the whole stress thing at work was probably manifested and made worse due to the fatigue I was constantly feeling.  I went to the Dr last week and decided to get a full blood work done.  I just was really feeling off colour.  I got my results back today and the word pernicious anemia was said a number of times.....and I was told to stop taking the B12 as my body was not absorbing it.  My B12 level was 267 which is VERY low.  My iron is 10, my calcium is below base line and my liver function is not good.  So first course of action is to start me on Bcomplex injections starting on Monday.  I am told this will be almost instant and I will feel 100% better in just a few days.  I will need to have these once a month at least for a few months.  He is also checking my vit D too as that is needed to absorb calcium.

So a few life changes coming up.

I then went out and brought a new Garmin 610 and got to use that tonight.  This was my present for myself as I also just landed a new job.  I really like all the new features but it will take some getting used to.

Tonight I did 8km with kay and paul as this would be my last walk with them.  I wont finish work now til 5pm ... by the time I make it to the walkway they will be half done.  We all enjoyed our walk and chats and the walk was a nice easy one.
Total time of 56.54
AVG HR = 117
AVG Pace = 6:59
AVG SPM = 81 (cadence - steps per minute)
Training effort = 2.3

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