Friday, July 26, 2013

10km along the walkway

Wow......I bombed today.

It was 19 degs out side.  A BEAUTIFUL day and I while walking down to the start of the walkway couldn't feel my toes or my fingers.  They felt like they would on a frosty cold day??? what is up with this?  I started out and instantly felt like my feet were concrete blocks.  I was slapping down on them, my shins were just screaming at me and my legs were DEAD.  Not sore.......just totally dead.  I felt tanked!  At the end of the 2km walkway I stopped and stretched out my shins and then got my thumbs into them.  I figured if they were still this sore when I got back to the other end I was going to pull the pin! ..... 12:45 for 2km....UGH!

So back I went....there was an improvement and so at the end of this 2 km I stopped and stretched again and figured I felt ok and the shin pain was going....I was just starting to feel my feel and hands.....was kinda like pins and needles.....So I started back out again.  I went through 5 km in about 31:35 I was putting in about 70 - 80% effort so my breathing was shallow I was not struggling.....I just had nothing in my legs to give?  Have I walked too much this week...... It is more in total kms than I have done for some time.....but I didnt think it was that bad.  It is day 2 from my faster maybe they were just a little thrashed from that.

I continued on and managed to get out 10km.  I didnt feel good at any point of this walk......not bad as in pain or injury.  I just felt off.  The zero energy threw me a little but I guess we all have days like this.  Plus my GPS decided today it was going to read different to the markings on the walkway.  I did do 10km only...but my watch has gained me an extra 100m  So my km splits are out by a good 3 secs

Total time for my 10km is 1:03
10 km data

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