Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The week so far......

Well - Monday started off on a roll with me being made redundant.  Oh Happy Joy!!!

Tuesday - I woke with a very sore lower stomach...deep core? perhaps I had over done it with the core exercise's the night before.  Felt like I had twisted an ovary!!!   So I decided to head out before lunch and do a gentle walk so I invited Cat to come along.  She jogged along beside me while we were doing 500m start and stops.  In total we walked 4.5km   Cat and Nyle 4.5km

That night I met Paul and Kay and we walked the walkway deciding to do 8km and as both had said to me they want to get fast I suggested that I up the pace to help them.  So we did up the pace sitting on 6:52 per Km as opposed to 7:15 per Km.  Total for that walk was 55:00   Kay and Paul 8km

Wed - Woke up and tummy was feeling alittle better so decided to head out for a training walk.  It was 15 degs...just perfect.  I had planned on 10km but I turned at 4 km because my TFL was just starting to get grumpy and my shirt was chaffing me under my arms really badly.  So I decided it was better I stop so I finished up at 8km and was very happy with my time.  I would guess about 90% effort in this walk.  Total time for this walk was 47:52 and my heart strap seemed to work the avg 152 is not too bad.  I will take it.   8km walkway just me

the one DOH thing that I did do.  I discovered as I uploaded my data that I had not changed the settings on my watch.  So I didnt record any lap splits.  Oh well, the overall is the most important at the moment.

My total kms for this week
Sun = 10km
Mon = 0
Tues = 4.5 + 8 = 12.5
Weds = 8

Total = 30.5

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