Sunday, July 28, 2013

3000m Sunshine Coast University

I got up at 5am and quickly dressed and headed out the door to collect Robyn and head off to Sunshine Coast.  Its the furthest I have driven since being here and I was a tad nervous of this.   But turned out that was not needed and we got there in quick time.... 1.5 hours :) and NO speeding either.

It rained on and off along the way and we both were not overly thrilled about the prospect that we might be getting wet.  We signed up as soon as we arrived.  It was nice to met new people and when they called for the walkers we giggled that it was again pretty much Gold Coast walkers there.

As we were about to start, a very large WILD kangaroo slowly hopped through the open gate and proceeded to hop half a lap around the track.  The officials red carded it for lifting/loss of contact and helped to escort it from the which the kangaroo just "hopped" right over the fence and hopped off to the near by paddock where there was a joey and 3 others waiting.

Our race got under way after that.  I went out a bit quick and felt it at the second lap.  First lap being 2 mins and my lungs were burning.  I was working hard and I quickly accessed that I would blow up very fast if I didnt ease back a little.   That helped alot and I was moving freer now and starting to smooth out.  On the 4th lap I started to lap the others which surprise me alot and I used them to help me keep pace.

The last km was looming and it was now that my legs were fatigued and I was starting to struggle.  I tried to hold in my core and tuck my butt under but I cant say for sure that I managed it now.  I crossed the finish line in a respectable 16:40:04 and I am very happy with that.

Lap 1 - 5:26:01
Lap 2 - 5:37:08
Lap 3 - 5:36:02
Me on lap 3 or 4 - walking strong 

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