Tuesday, July 16, 2013

5km training along the walkway

I got up today and decided to train in the morning.  I was still feeling alittle bit stiff and sore but I really needed to get out and have a stretch out.

I still dont have a heart strap ... mine has well and truly broken now.  But I kinda gauge how I am by my breathing.  I was not gasping and felt pretty good.

It was about 17 degs so just perfect.  I started out and felt good straight off.  I decided to just walk and not push to hard.  I worked on using my upper arms and shoulders and the push off today.  I think I kept my butt tucked the whole way.

I was feeling pretty good....while I was not pushing my self I certainly didnt feel I could have gone much faster if I had wanted too.

Total time for the 5km was a quick 29:24 and I am VERY happy with that.

On a side note.  My head is finally starting to clear and I am feeling much better.  My anxiety is fading and I am sure I am going to be ok to cope at work again.

5km data

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