Monday, July 01, 2013

5km treadmill

Its raining....not the drizzle it will be ok rain but the torrential soak you to the bone in 2 mins rain!  We have a  weather warning out for today and I can see why.  So its back to the treadmil for me.

I had a very busy and stressful day at work so desperately needed to walk.  I really wanted the zone you get into....own space, own thoughts etc.

So I went downstairs and jumped on the complex treadmill.  I was pleased that I could get it cranked up fairly quickly and it felt comfortable.  After 2.5km I started ramping up the pace as I strode my anger out.  I was really pleased that nothing was hurting.

I ended the last km on 10.5km/hr and was still feeling good.

Total time was 30:03  even better!!!!

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