Thursday, June 27, 2013

5km treadmil kick down

Its pouring with rain.  All the others had bailed on me and I thought stuff getting soaked on my I came home and headed down to the complex gym and jumped on the treadmill.  There were a couple of guys mucking around on the gym equipment and they chatted away as I set the treadmill up.

its takes about 50m until the treadmill is up to speed and I can turn my watch on.  I set it to 9.5km and ticked along happily....each km I would click the speed up one but with two km to go I clicked it up to 10km and then for my last km I had it up to 10.5km.

I felt great and had no pain in my hip or glutes.  My shins are pretty sore but I think that is more from the speed session.  The two guys thought I had my music on and I could hear them talking to each other....said one guy to the other....far out I cant even run that fast!  tee hee always makes you feel good.

Total time for 5km was 30:19

5km treadmill data

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