Monday, June 03, 2013

Gentle and easy 4km

I have made a really big decision.  I have opted to stop my coaching for a couple of months.  I seem to be constantly injured and with long sessions, speed work and the pressure of competitions - I feel I just cant do justice to the program given to me and feel that I am just wasting my coachs time.

So I have gone right back to basics.  Back to the gym to start back on a strength program adding in some core and hip pilates to help build some strength into those supporting muscles.  But more important.....I have cut back the distance and the pace.  Tonight I just went out and did 4km.  I had no set time in mind - tonights goal was to just walk correctly and with out any pain.  I didnt care if it was at 7min/km.

I managed the 4km and it was very easy.  My heart strap again has gone nuts so I think a new battery might be due.  But it was very easy.  I had minimal discomfort.  At about 3.5km my piroformis was just starting to ache...but only just.  I was going to stop and stretch but with a slight change to my posture it stopped.

I had a long stretch after and then walked back up the walkway to met up with Shane.

Total time was a very easy 26:09 for 4km

Body is feeling a little sore - but that is from they gym workout last night.  Pleased with this walk.

4km walk data

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