Saturday, June 15, 2013

5km - starting to feel the benefits of the strength training

Well its week 2 and while yes I have dropped back on my mileage and speed work - I have had no pain!

I am doing strength Pilates every second day and will now try to do them every day.  I am so pleased to have walked with no pain for my last few walks.

I did catch some kind of a stomach bug this week and it has made walking a tad difficult.  I did go out on Thursday and walk 8km with Paul and Kay.  Very slow and steady pace but there were two emergency loo stops.

Today I was starting to feel a little better.  No more flying dashes to a toilet or curled up with stomach cramps.  So I decided to head out and do 5km.  I felt good and kept to a steady pace.  I was not pushing hard and was pleased to see that after my first warm up km the rest were pretty much 6min kms.

Before I left for my walk I had changed the battery in my heart strap and when I finished and saw that my heart was 251 beats per minute ... I knew I had fritzed my strap.  So I googled it when I got home and found that you are meant to wait for a minute between battery change.  Well there you works now :)  Yay

Total time 30.15

5km data

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