Sunday, June 09, 2013

4km to test the hip

I really needed to get out today.  Since hearing the first news of my friend Lesley, I have not walked.  I found my self lost and drifting....wrapped up in disbelief and then grief.

But, does still go on and I have slowly exited from my state of grief and felt that pull to walk again.  With injury's that just wont heal, I have been taking it very easy and so I decided to just do 4km today.

Its a good enough distance to get a good sweat up and to keep concentration up on style.

I felt good which surprised me and I kept up a pretty good pace for all considering.  The stretches and strength exercises I have been doing seem to be working.  I stopped at 2km to stretch and then continued back.  I felt a small discomfort on the way back in my glute but nothing to rate as pain.  A vast improvement.

Total time for 4km was 24:00

4km data

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