Wednesday, June 26, 2013

3km Fartlek

Tonight I thought I would try a short speed walk.  I figured a 3km fartlek would be a good distance to test how the body goes.

I used the first km on the walkway as  my warm up.  I hit the start and pushed off.  The walkway was busy and I was having to weave between kids and people.  I got the first km done in 5:36 (hmm thought it would be faster than that)  in my error I hit stop and not lap......  I turned back for the next 500m but just as I was about to hit lap I realised my watch had not changed time and I had accidentally hit stop.  Doh.

So I hit start again and away I went for my next fast 500m.  I was breathing hard but feeling ok.  Nothing was hurting.  I was not feeling so smooth today.  Alot was on my mind and I was struggling to push it to one side and focus.  Next 500m was the recovery and I knew I was going to slow but its my first one in a while so I was trying not to stress too much about it.  

Last 500m and I tried hard to push for this but I was a couple of seconds slower.

first km = 5:36
500m = 3:12
500m = 2:43
500m = 3:10
500m = 2:45

total time is 17:26

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