Saturday, June 08, 2013


Wow, how do I begin do I put into words the shock, numbness and denial I feel.

When I saw the first news article that you had collapsed after your race and were in critical condition on life support.....I thought someone was playing a sick prank.  How could that be???? you had only a few hours earlier been private messaging me about your race.  You had posted that you were nervous...and we all reassured you.   Then we hear you had won and in a fantastic PB too and had even beaten the younger women on the track.....something I know you were secretly hoping to do.

How did you die and so quickly???  Papers say it was a subarachnoid haemorrhage..... I guess that is like an aneurysm....something that just happens so quick with little explanation.  Which again leads to us all to be more in shock.  It was just too sudden and while you were just reaching your prime and potential.

Lesley, you were a truly special person.  So positive in everything you did.  A wonderful mother to Brooke, partner to Tony and special friend to all who met you.  I wish I could show you all the amazing messages that are pouring in from around the world....people who you didnt think even knew you.  You touched everyone!!!  You touched me with your compassion and your spirit.  You over come so many obstacles
.....epilepsy, shin pain and remoteness to become one of NZ's top walkers.

I wish to extend my love and condolences to your family, wee Brooke and Tony.  A life taken far too soon.

The world truly is a duller place with you gone.

R.I.P Lesley Cantwell

1987 - 2013

A photo of the NZ team for Hobart 2012.  One of my best memory's.

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Green Thistle said...

You said it so much better than I. And you said all the things I was thinking of. I hadn't known Lesley for long but it was obvious from her posts/comments that she was a very loving, and lovely, person.