Sunday, June 23, 2013

5 km Corporate Challenge

This is the last race in the Series.  There are 5 in total and I have done one other.  I kinda look back now I think I should have done all 5 races but that is something for next year.

I didnt fancy driving into Brisbane on Saturday for a 10km race so I opted to race in the last 5km.  It was a chilly morning today.  Was 11 degs when I got to the park.....yes I know that it is WAY colder back home lol....but I have finally climatised.  I warmed up with Kay and Paul doing 3 laps of the track, then headed out to the start line.  I did opt to take my jacket off and walk in bare arms wasnt too bad once I had warmed up.

The race started and I hit out fast.  I was trying a faster turn over with a shorter front stride but longer at back and gosh it felt fast.  After a couple of km's I noticed that Paul's wife was jogging not far ahead of me and so I decided I would try to catch her.

It took me another km to get within 2 metres of her and just as I got close enough to touch her she switched from the road to the foot path with out noticing that I was there.  LOL  As we went up the stop bank she pulled away from me.  It was now 1km to the finish.  I was feeling great.  Nothing was hurting and I still felt reasonably fresh.  Again I closed the gap but as we hit the track and started on the one lap around the mondo track....she found some new speed and was off again.

We crossed the line with in seconds of each other.  I had runners coming up to me after the race saying how great it was to pace off me.  It was funny as I was doing the same to them.

It was a great confidence booster......I had no idea what my time would be today.  It was nice to see it was faster than the last time which was 28:41 so it was a vast improvement.

Total time for 5km was 28:09  (my watch says 28:12 but my official time is the 28:09)

5km data

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