Monday, November 03, 2014

Pan Pacific Masters Games 2014 - 5000m & 10km

Its time to see if all that training is going to pay off.  All I can hope for now is that the weather gods play the game.

First up is the 5000m at 4pm on Saturday.  I had already decided to race this at 85% so that I had a good chance to get the time I am hunting for the 10km.  As it would have it,  the weather gods decided to blow!!!   Its the same for us all and while it was not gusting wind,  it was strong enough to really tax you as you punched into it.  I didnt get boxed in this time and had a good start.   Quickly Peter and Simon pulled out for a good lead and I sat on their heels for the first lap and then let them pull away as I checked my own pace and eased back a little.  I couldnt really get into my groove today....while I walked ok and didnt get any cautions etc, I just felt that I looked like I was doing it harder than I was....perhaps it was that wind factor.  My nerves were started to abait at 3km and I settled into a steady rhythm.  I finished the race in 28:37 and I was happy with that.

Video of the 5000m race

Garmin data 5000m

After the race Liz and I headed off to pick up David Smyth.  Its always great catching up with old friends and today was no exception.  We all quickly headed back to the road course while it was still light enough to see and checked out the road conditions etc.  Then it was off for a quick bit to eat.  I decided on Nacho's and they had hindsite I should have had the steak too.   At 1am my nacho's decided to vacate the premises!!!!  not a pleasant thing to happen the morning of a big race.  I was still awake at 3am so got up and eat a banana as I knew that while I still felt queezy I needed some food on board.

Race start was 7am and we got there about 6.30am - I dont tend to have a huge warm up before 10 and 20km races - I feel more need of that for a 5 or 3km race.  Lots of chatting and catching up with people I have not seen in a couple of years....this is what I love about my sport.  Its really like one big happy family.

We all line up for the 10km and get the directions speach from Dave Smith.  Due to new road closure ruling this time they had to shorten the course on the road and make it up in the car park area..... so this 1 km loop was going to have 9 turns in it (with 5 of those in the 200m)  hmmm its not going to be a fast course at all....but again it was the same for everyone.   My goal today was to be under 1 hour.  I was hoping for a low 58mins but on seeing the course I was not so sure that would happen.  It was perfect conditions....slight breeze, about 22 degs BUT 78% humidity.  I am used to it now but others were not and it caught a few towards the end of the race.   As expected Stuart leapt out to the lead spot and remained there, with Peter B following close in pursuit.  David Smyth also leapt in with that lead group and stayed with them for the first km and slowly they pulled away.  Simon was just infront of me but about 4km he suddenly slowed and limped along..his hammy twinged on him.  He did still manage to finish the race but not in the time he was hoping for.  I set my target on David Smyths back and proceeded to slowly pick him off, catching him at 8km.  Next target was Adam, he was a lap behind me but still a good distance a head of me to make it a good goal to catch and pass him and I did so with one lap to go.  Bell lap and I glanced at the time and new it was going to be touch and go to get my time.  I had slipped to 6min - 5:55 min laps and I was worried I wasnt going to get my time.  The pan pacs record was 60:24  but I am thrilled to say I crossed the line in 59:17 YAY

This race really took it out of me and I felt really ill after.  We went home where I crawled into bed for a few hours.   The rest of the day was pretty much wasted by lazing on the couch watch tv.  We did meet up with Liz, David and Stuart and partner for dinner and a wander through the night markets...that was really lovely.

Now to get a good sleep.  3000m is tomorrow at lunch time.

Video of the 10km Road Walk

Garmin data 10km

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