Monday, November 17, 2014

Cairns and recent training

I enjoyed a much rewarded break after Pan Pac's and the following weekend I finally flew up to Cairns to visit my Daughter Shakara and met my newest Grandson Archer.

I have been counting down the days and with each day I would get a new photo of Archer which added to the excitement.    Landing in Cairns and after a small mix up at the airport (me going out the exit in the baggage claim and shakara waiting at the main entrance) we met up out side.  It was so wonderful to receive a hug and then to have Archer put in my arms.  It took everything to not cry....he was just as gorgeous as I imagined he would be.

We stopped in at a baby shop on the way home and I brought a interactive activity mat for him to lay on and play.  I was so thrilled that he loved it.  He lay staring at his reflection for ages and kicking the piano key board to make music.  Every moment I could I spent with him....laying on the floor with him and getting as many dribbly kisses as I could.

It was also wonderful to finally met Mike and his mum Lyn.   I couldnt have picked a better partner for Shakara had I tried.  Mike is funny, caring and dotting on them both.   Shakara has grown into a wonderful woman and is such a fantastic Mum.  Everything you wish for, for you children and best of all.....she is just so happy, she just glows.

Leaving the next day was hard, but we have planned more trips up and both myself and shane will head up next time.

last cuddles before heading home

Training resumed once I returned from Cairns.  So I was back to my early morning 5km and then I decided to do a 10km track walk on Thursday night.  Turned out to be a Kick down and I was really pleased with my speed in the last two km.   The last weekend turned out to be the hottest in 100 years.... my car recorded 37 degs not far from the track where I raced a 3000m on Sunday morning.  Was a tough race and while my time was ok...I struggled badly in the last km.

I now have just two weeks left of training before the 10km QMA track walk.  I am hoping to go well and break 58 mins........... but it will all depend on the weather and how well my body holds up.

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