Thursday, November 20, 2014

9 km track training

I was going to do 10km tonight...........but

Well there is usually a but somewhere isn't there.   It ended up just being myself and kay left on the track and I knew she was stopped at 8km.  The lights were not on and I really didnt fancy hanging out in the dark.  So as Kay finished her 8km I past her and called out that I was stopping at 9km (which was in 200m)

I tried to keep to a steady pace tonight but I was just not feeling it... I doubt that the two 3km races would be the cause....3000m isnt really that far.   I just felt hot, bothered and tired.  Feeling my age to be honest LOL  The 10km track race is next Friday so this is pretty much my last chance to get a long walk in.....9km will do.  55:23 for 9km so avg km pace was 6:09min/km

My laps are as follows..... nothing too startling really
But I do think that in race conditions I can aim for a high 58mins.

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Tammy said...

Nice work! I bet you will easily do high 58 :).