Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Training hard for Pan Pac's

Sorry its been so long..........I dont think anyone is still following me on here but I still like to pop on and up date what I have been up to.

I am still getting up each morning with Shane and walking 5km easy.   But I have tweaked it and have made Wednesdays my full rest day - mainly due to Tuesday being a big speed night and I find I am fatigued after it.

So since my last up date :-

I raced a 3000m and posted my fastest Australian time of 16;24

I am still averaging 32 mins for my 5km walks in the morning and they are getting easier and easier.

Shane and I have just started doing the local park run's on Saturdays - he is jogging the 5km and I walk beside him.  I am enjoying these immensely as its time together and its wonderfull seeing him getting fitter and fitter.

Tonight was my last speed session before Pan Pac's.   I decided on 5 x 400m and was very happy with how I went.   I felt great and the body flowed well......the heat was the tough part.   We are in the middle of the hottest October on record with temps getting up to 35 to 39 degs and the humidity is AWFUL!!!   So on the track it feels like walking through sucks you to the track and tires you.   The weather forecast for this weekend is storms for the whole weekend.   while I am sure this wont happen cause they have been saying that all week and the storms they predict dont they move the warning to the next day and so on...... I am really hoping this is the case :D

So my 5 x 400's were :-  2:05, 2:02, 2:03, 2:07 and 2:05 max heart rate was 162 which is much lower than it has been.  So I am very happy with that.

Pan Pac's will be a full on weekend with 5000m Saturday at 4pm,  10km Road walk Sunday at 7am (so 12 hour recovery???? are you kidding me)  and finally 3000m at 12.30pm (right in the hottest part of the day)  I do question the sanity of the organizers - but its the same for all of us.


Glennis said...

I still am following you and I think your going great, likely to really show them at the Pan Pacific with a great time, but that last race will surely knock you. You will need quite a bit of recovery time after 3 big fast races so close together. You can do it!

Anonymous said...

I'm following you too Ms Nyle and i'll be screaming my lungs out at the track over the next few days for you and the other Masters athletes. You've certainly done ALL the hard yards so bring it on and leave no stone unturned. Your Pan Pacs Volunteer, K