Sunday, October 12, 2014

5000m PB/Masters Race Meet

I have had a GREAT week.   Training has come together well,  both my track walks went amazingly well.  Even pushed through my first 5km fartlek in months and did a GREAT time :D.... yep GREAT is my word for the day.  I talked Paul into do a fartlek like I do them... he was keen and excelled.   I explained to him that in theory ... his fartlek time should be about 30secs to a min slower than his 5km race time.   (his time today proved that point beautifully)

So to quickly recap the week:-   Sun 3000m race, Mon -5km slow, Tues 5km slow am and then 1500m & 5 x 300m in th pm,  Weds REST, Thursday 5km easy am then 5km fartlek pm, Friday REST & Sat REST - Total kms for week = 26km  (this is my quiet week)

Today was a 5000m track race and I was really keen to get my 28mins!!!   I got to the track early and made sure I had a good long warm up and spent 10mins on drills.  Temp was 22 degs but the humidity climbed to 83% by the time our walk finished.  PHEW that was tough.  Race started with 5 walkers - all of us feeling GREAT!!!!   as we were racing I noticed the water table had been set up .. but it was still sitting on the grass about a metre away from the edge of the to grap a water meant leaving the track - hmmm problem...YOU CANT DO THAT IN A RACE!  lol  I had thought it was just an error and I am sure they will sort it but by 3km I knew that I needed water and so asked/gasped - move the water table please.   Next lap and it was sorted and I could grab a much needed water.  What happens when you gulp water as you are walking - you swallow air and you end up with stitch!!!  1 km to go and I was in pain.... I did every trick I know to get rid of it but it cost me valuable seconds ... damn it!!!  It started to ease on my last lap and I really pushed it hard to the finish.

I am rapt with my time  28:16  -  my fartlek time on thurs was 28:48 ..... so I am very happy with this and I know my 28 mins is there.  Come Pan Pac's and it will be on!!!

5000m race

As there was a 1500m race on next... I hung around...not really intending to race but if there was only going to be one walker then I would join them.  But I was saved by all the juniors.....our gorgeous wee team of young ladies all fronted up.  I was thrilled when Robyn asked me to take them over to the start and help them warm up.  So while over there I got them all to settle, stop chatting and to focus.  They did their drills and walk throughs and for a few moments before the race I chatted to them about technique ... arms correct and shoulders low....chins up and to not try to win the race in the first 200m.  Well I am so so so thrilled to say that all of them set new PB's today... I nearly cried.  They all looked fantastic and had listened to my talk - styles were perfect.  Robyn was a very proud coach thats for sure.

I do have to say - these meets have been fantastic.  They are run superbly and the new electronic timing is so helpful.  Much thanks to all those who me ALL the athletes thank you.

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