Monday, May 20, 2013


I was so nervous about this race.  I had very little distance training....infact almost NONE.  It has been almost 18 months since I last walked 20km.  I am still recovering from hip/glute injuries that keep reoccurring.  But in a moment of madness I decided to go for it...what the hell - training pace - ok!

I had to get up at 4.30am and drive into Brisbane.  That is seriously STUPID O'CLOCK!!!  but I did it and go there an hour too early....sigh.  So I tucked up in the car and dozed a little.

I warmed up briefly with Donna.  I was planning on using the first couple of km in the race as my warm up and then go from there...but as I walked I was concerned at how much my hip was hurting.  I stopped to vox my coach who thankfully didn't reply.  Before I could dwell too much on it we had lined up and they started us.  There were 6 of us - Myself, Donna, Noela and Jessica doing the 20km and Peter and Nick doing the 30km.  I set off and just settled into a pace that felt nice and easy.  I was aiming for smooth style, little effort and good form.  The course is not an easy course with two 10m up and downs just 200m apart.  After 10 of them they feel like 20 they were almost crawl able.

I was surprised to see my first km was 5:54 I didnt feel like I was trying to go any faster than I should and I took check of myself again.  Yes I was aching but it was remaining at a 2/10 and I could push that to the back of my mind.  So far nothing else was hurting and I was not breathing hard so I kept going.  I had already decided that 2:10 was a FANTASTIC time to aim for.  My coach had said 2:04 or 2:05 and I kinda chuckled at that as I didnt feel I had that in me at all.  But as I was ticking through the kms and starting adding up the time I had in the "bank", I started thinking 2:05 was achievable.

I went through 5km in 30:13, 10km in 1:01:04, 15km in 1:32:22

at 16km I was hurting.  My hip was up to a 3/10, my right hamstring was the same and the lower hamstrings above my knees were just starting to sing....... 4 km to go, I have to do this.  I got my one yellow warning just as I crested the top of the rise (stupid place for a judge to stand....but never the less)  so I tried to stand tall and make sure I was tight in my style.  I was really thrilled to have encouragement called out from the invitational walkers that had entered the 5km, 3km , 2km and 1km.  I was told that I looked comfortable and strong ( I sure didnt feel it)  It was nice to be walking back and forth with the other walkers - with each of us calling support to each other as the race was starting to take its toll on us.  Peter was walking an incredibly fast pace and it was awe inspiring to see.  Nick succumbed at 14km and stopped - I think he was just walking with us to see how far he could get and he sure held a blistering pace while he was out there.

Coming down on my last km never felt so good......passing Peter and giving each other a high five as we passed was awesome.  I crawled up that damn 10m rise and pushed hard for the last 100m to cross the finish..................I dared not stop walking for fear I would not be able to move I kept slowly walking up and down the grass until I felt I could stop and stretch.  It was then I looked at my watch and saw my finish time.....Holy Smokes...where did that come from.   2:03:31

I drove home and we walked down the beach for me to soak my legs but the water was too warm and the waves to strong to brace against so we came back to the complex and I stood in the pool as it was much colder.  Later that day Shane and I went for a 5km walk so he could have a walk too and I struggled to keep up with SI joint was sore and stiff now and my hamstrings were getting tighter and tighter.  Later that night we drove into surfers and had dinner at an Irish bar and then walked along the night markets........I was nearly asleep on my feet so we came home and I just crashed.  Next day my legs are tight and sore, but the good news is my hip feels fine :)  so shane and I walked the 5km again tonight and it felt better.....just sore hamstrings.

Murarrie SportsReserve
19May 2013(Hosted by Racewalking Queensland)CHAMPIONSHIP EVENTS
Open Men 30km
 Name                  Club                                        Time
Peter Bennett      Mayne Harrier                         2:52.08
Nick Dewar          Racewalking Queensland      1:08.07 (14km)

Open Women 20km
Nyle Sunderland  Gold Coast Victory                 2:03:34
Donna Beikoff                                                     2:27.55
Noela McKinven   Racewalking Queensland      2:41.07
Jessica Wright    Jimboomba                             2:44.50

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