Sunday, May 12, 2013

8km to test my hip

It was meant to be 10km today - but mentally I was not ready to jump from 5km to 10km.  So I decided I would do 8km....besides if I felt great when I was finished the 8km I could always turn back and do the extra 2km.  Turns out I made the right call.

Shane came with me today on the bike and it was so good to have him buzzing around me.  It had been drizzling before we headed out so I wore my new light jacket but after a km I took it off and let Shane carry it.  It had come out nice and sunny.  I had started out at a pace I felt was easy and while I felt slow I was surprised to see that I was 3:05 for my first 500m.  Well I will just stick to this and see how we go.

I was so pleased to feel NO pain.  A very slight stiffness to the SI joint but overall I was feeling good.  My hip felt weak still but I couldnt feel it.  No ache so another good thing.  As I was walking I kept tossing up whether I should carry on for 5km but in the back of my mind I kept thinking that if I start to hurt thats further to make it home.  So at 4km I turned and headed back.

I got Shane to give my form a once over and he thought I was looking good.  I passed through 5km and was still feeling ok.  My legs felt fresh and I was still holding the pace ok.  I was not breathing hard and just enjoying the walk.  But as I went through 6km my hip started to ache.   I slowed up as I had noted I was picking up the pace alittle.  I took the 6km to access my style and make sure I was tucking and extending my  stride.  The ache settled to the point it nearly went felt like the tail edge of a bruise.   So as I hit the 8km I stopped.  My hip had settled but I decided to end on a good note and not push it.

total time was 49:22

When we got home I asked shane to pop down with the camera and take a short video.  So we down to the basement where we park our cars and I just did the length of the basement.  I think I look ok....but will wait to hear what my coach has to say.

link to video of style

8km data

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