Thursday, May 16, 2013

12km along the walkway

My legs were feeling fresh....but that was all.  I had been feeling sick all day with nausea, sweats and terrible stomach cramps.  I was really unsure if I was going to be able to walk at all.

I got to the walk way and started out.  Instantly I was having great trouble and at 250m I stopped and quickly shot over to the toilet.  I started out again and just had no power, but the fact that I was unable to hold my stomach tight meant I was unable to engage my core.  I kept going hoping that it would improve.  I got to 3km and while things were no better, they were no worse.  I wore a head light tonight but I had it hanging around my neck.  I knew it was going to be pitch black soon.  I was having some sharp twinges in my knee tonight.  The camber on the road is really starting to get to me.  I got to 4km and noticed a bike just sitting behind me and so I moved over thinking I was in their way and was really thrilled to see it was Shane. He had come out to make sure I was safe.  

We got to 6km and turned back.  My stomach was starting to settle and I was able to hold my stomach taught which gave me a little more power.  My legs remained feeling good and I felt very good at the pace I was going.  It was steady but easy.  A runner had past me at 7km and I noticed that she was not really pulling away from me so I decided I would try to catch her.  I caught and passed her at 10km  :)  and bugger me she huffed away and crossed the road to take a side street away from us.....I giggled to myself and slowed a little.  I was starting to feel my butt and tfl (side hip) ... it was about a 2 on the pain scale.  Not huge  but I could feel it.  I was still getting the odd pain in my knee and I could feel my piroformus/SI joint starting to get tight.  

I have a 20km race/training walk on Sunday and my coach has said I can do it as long as I can walk tonight pain free.................I am hoping he says I can still do the race as I have entered it already.  My goal will be to walk it in about 2:10....that will be a very slow time for me to record but I have to start back somewhere.

Total time for tonight's 12km is 1:17:29  for an avg of 6:27 per km

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