Thursday, May 02, 2013

an ugly 6km fartlek

My piroformus has not stopped hurting in days.  I am not keen for the 6km speed session tonight.  Its stormy and very windy, which is not making me very keen to go out.

I decided to try and do some gentle stretches and to active my glute med....but this really only aggravated my piroformus.  I started out into the head wind and for the first 50m nearly stopped and threw the whole walk in.  My piroformus hurt....LOTS but it did come right and settled down to an annoying ache about 3/10 but it makes my whole right hip feel weak.

I hoped that when I turned at the 2km point with the wind behind me it would make the workout didnt.  I feel like someone slipped a 5kg weight on my back, I felt so heavy and sluggish.  On the way back up the walkway I started thinking about all kinds of depressing things.  Like quitting walking or keep walking but stop racing.  I am thinking that I will stop the speed sessions for a wee while....each time I try to power on it hurt and I had NO power...I had nothing to give.  I feel like the 15km totally wreaked me, and now I am considering doing a 20km race in 3 weeks (only because my coach has it on my program and the club road champs happen to be the week earlier)  But now I am not so sure.

I know that if I did throw the towel in and quit.......that I would end up getting all antsy again and have to go through this all over again.  I am just so over feeling sore all the time.

1st 3.03 + 3.05
2nd 3.10 + 3.01
3rd 3.14 + 3.02
4th 3.13 + 2.56
5th 3.15 + 3.01
6th 3.16 + 2.54

total time 37.16  -   avg heartrate 138

6km fartlek data

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