Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Some catching up - Mozi Run and 10km training

Gosh I have been busy.

Today I had a 10km - pacing - easy with a slight push.
I suggested to Paul and Kay that rather than go up Hedges Ave where it is dark and hard underfoot that we go back and forth on the walkway.  They were happy to do so and it meant that we would be passing each other randomly during the walk.
I started out with Paul and Kay jogging beside me.  At just past 1km they broke into a racewalk and I pulled away from them.  My hammy was still sore but nothing like Saturdays walk.  It was really stormy tonight with  it raining for the first 2km and gusts of wind knocking us around.  By 5km my hammy stopped hurting which was good.  My itb (down side of thigh) was grumbling from time to time..but didnt bother me too much.  I felt like I was pushing for a good time but checking my watch at the 5km showed I was not.  Hmmm odd but I carried on.
By 8km my deep inner tummy (core) was really starting to ache.  I had pulled something deep inside on sunday night at the gym - doing a leg raise with the ball between my ankles.  I was not strong enough in my core to do this and it showed.  Any how I just continued to walk as best I could.  I was just pleased my hammy didnt hurt any more.
Total time for 10km was 1:04:09 - slower than I had thought but avg heartrate was only 144 so rather low.  I am thinking the wind factored into this alot and the sore core too.

10km data

Saturday was  the 5km Mozi run.  This was just a fun run to raise money for kids in Mozambique.  Shane was going to walk and jog it.  I was racwalking it and was going to try for a good fast time.  The reality......with 50 kids lined up across the start line....it was not happening.  The first two km were just picking my way through 5 year olds that had run flat out for 800m and were now walking. Grrrrrr
By 3km the path had cleared and I could pick up the pace.  I had Paul infront of me.  He got a good gap at the beginning and went for it.  He remained about 50m ahead of me for the first 3km but I did start picking at the gap.  I did manage to pull off a sub 30min.

Injury front - my right hammy bothered me the whole walk.  Still has a good knot in it from the 20km.

Total time was 29:11

Mozi run data

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