Thursday, May 30, 2013

10km that became 4km

OH [insert your worst swearword here]

Its been raining on and off all day.  I was not overly keen to get out and get wet ...again.  My nose is back to dripping and I was just feeling a tad off colour.  I sat in the car and got my watch sorted ... rummaged through my bag looking for my music to realise I had left it at home.  GRR

Arrh well, time to pull on the big girl panties and just get out there.  As soon as I stepped out of the car the rain stopped.......OH Yay!!!  I started out along the walkway......not overly happy with only having a concret path as my training ground but its better than nothing.  For the first km I was feeling good.  My SI joint was a tad stiff for the first 50m or so but then it settled and I was able to stretch out.  After a km I decided to try adding in the 3min burst of race pace.  As soon as I pushed to power on I had an instant sharp pain in the back of my right hamstring.  I continued on hoping it would settle...I tried tucking more, pulling my core tight.  I even tried being more upright.....nothing helped.  Infact tucking my butt hurt it more - so I thought my piroformus has spasmed and grabbed the nerve again.  I pulled up just before the 3km mark and then reassessed how I was feeling.  I did find that when I slowed down my hamstring didnt hurt as much but my hip would ache instead.  I got to the 4km and stopped.  Got in my car and called my coach.  He feels that my  hamstring went into a spasm and possibly tore a couple of fibres.  It has not been 100% since the 20km, so a couple of days rest with ice and foam roller for me.

I look at my data and wonder what was going on with my heart??????  either the heart rate strap is faulty or my heart went coo koo for the first km.

so 4km done in 25:58 ....yep ugly time.

4km data

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