Friday, May 10, 2013

5km along the walkway

Today seems to be my "DOH" day.

First "DOH" was I did exercises that Jim had given me this morning but I was meant to wait a day in between until I am used to them.  So needless to say my Left SI joint grumbled all day and both glutes!

Second "DOH" was as I always finish early on a Friday I often get busy and forget to stop to eat.  Today I forgot to order lunch full stop and by the time I realised I only had 20 mins til I was finished.  So it meant walking with ZERO fuel in the tank.

Third "DOH" I decided to wear my Nike's that I had won in NZ.  They are very lite and I couldnt remember why I dont wear them for training in.  So I put my inserts in and they felt nice and comfy.  At 4km during my walk I now know why I dont wear them...the back on the right shoe ate my heel and I have a lovely blister there.

The walk itself.........well it was pretty meh!  Jim said take it easy and so I tried to ... I did...I actually felt dead on my feet and very sluggish while I was walking.  I was trying hard to rotate the hip back and drop my knee to get good movement.  But my shins hurt, my feet felt like they were slapping the pavement and for the first km the centre of my back really HURT!!!!  ..... grumble grumble grumble BUT the good hip didnt really bother me much at all.  A very dull ache and my piroformus also behaved.

I must admit that I am my own worst enemy.  I am so competitive and its likely to be the ruin of me.  I am totally ecstatic for my friend Tammy, she is getting through her injury now and quickly gaining fitness and speed again........and I dont want to be left behind again.  LOL  I watch her blog and now that she is getting faster I tuck her times away in my head and then while out walking I check myself off at different markers......its all in fun and Tammy is very aware I so this and I think she is similar too.  We just loved racing each other in Sacramento and we know it will be a similar race again.  But never of us wants to be the one struggling and getting left behind :)  I do love how we both encourage each other and pick each other up when needed.......and we both know that we are also each our biggest supporters!!!  I am the one cheering and yahoooing when she wins a race or gets a super speedy time and she for me.   Its just a pain that we are a world apart and at opposite ends of the time zone too.

so today I did my 5km along the walkway in 30:35

5km walk data

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Tammy said...

I'm glad you are thinking of me and that we can encourage each other from half a world apart. Keep strong. You WILL come back. I am telling myself this too.