Tuesday, May 14, 2013

10km VERY easy on the walkway

Tonight I got to walk with Kay and Paul.  I was so happy with this that I didnt care how long it would take to do the 10km.  I got to have company!!!

It got dark pretty quickly and so having the others with me helped keep us safe.  I wore my new clip on USB Light and I clipped it on my shoulder strap.  The others thought it was a great idea ... kept us visual but I think from now on I will wear the headlight that also has a flashing red light to the back as it was pitch black.

The walk itself went really well.  I had woken today with an extremely sore back and I have no idea why.  I had done nothing yesterday other than alot of walking back and forth to my car in the rain in small heels as I mucked around at the courthouse for work.  Perhaps that was enough....but the disc in the small of my back just THROBBED all night and all morning.  I even took anti flam this morning.  But thankfully by 4pm it had eased and I was able to walk just fine with no pain at all.

We all just cruised along at a pace we all could walk easy.   We chatted away and caught up over the last two weeks.  Nothing hurt at all and I just really enjoyed ticking along.  Thursday I will try for 12km on my own.

It was very easy in a total time of 1:13 with avg heart rate of 115  :)

10 km data

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