Thursday, May 23, 2013

10km with 3 x 3min bursts

I have been feeling off for the last couple of days, but more so today.  Twice I nearly went home from work but as I knew I was still going to try and do my walk tonight.....I stayed.  I am not feeling off enough to say that I am sick but I do feel miserable.   Head ache, nausea  body aches, hot/cold sweats, slight sore throat, slight drippy nose and just lethargic.  If I wake like it tomorrow I think I will just stay home and sleep.

I was to do 10km today with 3 bursts of race pace but to be honest I was not feeling able to do any bursts of speed.  I started out and my right hammy was tight and sore which in turn pulled on my piroformus/glute.  My first km was pretty slow as I was trying to ease into the walk and not put too much stress on my hamstring.  I was hoping it would ease and then I would be able to stretch out more.

I managed a burst at 3km (not that you can tell in my splits) as I reached the start of the walkway to complete 4 km I passed Shane as he had come down to walk and just be out on the path way for me.  I turned and zipped past him.  I was feeling really drained and was struggling to find any speed at all.  I was feeling lightheaded and queasy and did considered stopping at 8km.  I kept going on the hope I would feel better.   I managed another burst at 7km and again passed Shane as he had turned and was heading back up the walkway.  I hit the top for 8km turned and walked back to the 1km mark passing him again.  It was so nice to have him out there as its dark and I still dont feel so comfortable being alone on the walkway.

Finally my hamstring has stopped hurting, so I pushed for another burst of speed.  I finished the 10km and went back to met up with Shane.  Total time was 1:02:43

I have a 5km race on Saturday but I may end up walking with Shane so I will do a 5km speed session in the morning to make up for it.

10km data

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