Tuesday, September 09, 2014

11 x 400m

I got to the track and was going to do a straight 5km but after I warmed up... Paul, Kay and Deb were all going to do 10 x 400m and at the last minute I thought stuff it I will give it a crack too.

Today I was testing out my new shoes -  Type A5 saucony and wow are they light and low.  

Paul had already done 1 x 400m so I jumped in after them and figured I would just do one more at the end on my own.   I felt really good and felt like I had my flow back today.  My hips felt like they had movement in and my shoes were just so nice.   I checked some of the video Robyn took of me and I could see my hips had more movement and that I looked good and strong.   On my 3rd 400m, I slowed to help pace Paul and gave him some tips on how to keep his pace in check.   He was dropping more than 10secs after the 200m so I suggested he slow the first 200 by 1 or 2 secs and then push a little for the last 200m and it evened out his times and he didnt feel so thrashed....and sure enough after 4 more he was back up to speed and kicking my butt again.

I felt pretty good with mine for tonight.  I stayed pretty consistent and felt good and strong.  I cant wait to see how my video looks in Coaches Eye.  :)


well as you can see and count............we all lost count and I ended up doing 11 ... so the last one is a nice bonus for me :)

11 x 400m

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