Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Track and daily walking

Shane and I had decided that we would get up every morning and do a 30 min ish walk.  For me its more a 33min walk as I like to do a complete distance.  So where he walks for 17 mins and then turns, I carry on ahead and turn at 2.5km.  The idea being that we will both finish at the same time and then head back up to the apartment for breakfast together.   I really want to help encourage hubby to come out and walk but I have found in the past that if I walk with him I tend to end up hurt???  but he is happy for me to racewalk and so its a great way for me to add in EXTRA km's for my week.

So the plan is that I walk slower than I normally do and really work on technique...on getting my hips to move forward and to roll off my back toe.   Monday day 1 = 31:06  Tuesday day 2 = 32:09  Plus Tuesday night is Track night.  I really want to be more around the 32 to 33min mark for my morning walks so I dont fatigue or hurt myself.   I am thrilled to say that since the 24km the only part of me to hurt was my toes.  Thats a huge PLUS for me.

Track tonight is 10 x 400m
max heart rate was 169  -  this shows that I am getting fitter.  YUS!

so all going well I have 3 more days of 5km and one 8km gentle - this will give me a total of 42km.  My walking week is Sunday to Saturday - I may yet do a walk on saturday but I am thinking at this stage I will use it as a rest day.  Sunday I plan to do 20km.

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