Tuesday, September 02, 2014

5km around the track

Tuesday is my Track day.

I usually pick a speed walk of some sort for today .. but when I got to the track it was pretty windy and I was feeling pretty flat.  So instead of the 5km or 6km fartlek I had planned.... I swapped to a pacing 5km.

I have two months until Pan Pacific Masters.  I am really hoping to better my times from last year.  I need to get my body working so that I can try to get some speed coming through.   I am just finding it frustrating that I take two steps forward and have a GREAT week...then wake up 3 steps back and locked up again.  Patience is not my best virtue so its something I need to learn.   I am trying hard to stretch most days and that is helping.

My 5km was good.  Nothing hurt (which is fantastic)  hip just felt weak...but that will change as I strengthen it.  I was feeling a bit flat today and thought if I can maintain 6 min kms I will be happy.  I managed to do just that and it wasnt tooo much of a struggle.

total time was 29:53

Tomorrow I will do a 5 or 6km along the walkway and then Thursday it will be an 8km.

I have two races this weekend.  Sat and Sun 5000m each day on the track.  Will be interesting to see how I go back to back.

5km data

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