Friday, August 29, 2014

10km along the walkway

Its a public holiday today so I figured I should take advantage of the day and do a longer walk in the morning.

I woke today with my aching back again....??? ... not sure what I had done to bring it back on.  Both sides of my back from mid shoulder down to my waist just ache.  I am ok to walk but sitting and standing just kill me.  Maybe I have gone too far with the new style and not let my body adjust?  There is more twist in my walk now and that will def pull muscles.    Today I will take it easy and just let my body do what it wants.

I headed out at 10am and it was a nice 18 degs.   Awesome!!!  The first 500m were abit ouch as I slowly got into my stride and after that I just settled into a slow but comfortable pace and just stayed at that for the rest of the walk.   Fitness is ok as I am never breathing hard.....I just dont seem to have any power to push hard enough to end up breathing hard.

While walking on my own I tend to ponder life, love and the universe and I have come to the realization that I am probably not going to be a 'great' walker again....I can still be a good walker and I know that at the moment I am an ok walker.   In my brief walking period when I felt I was a "great" walker - I managed to achieve quite alot.  I have represented my Country internationally in an Open class event,  I have competed internationally at the highest World Masters level and walked away with 3 gold medals, at World Games and at Oceania Masters where I also won Golds.  I have a New Zealand Masters Walk Record, many club records and have even managed to gain two masters records here in Aussie.

If I never compete at the World T & F level again.....I will be ok with that.  I am still keen for World Games in Auckland and local events.... but open field events I think I will steer clear of now.

But I digress............ back to my 10km.  While it was nothing was done and I am pleased to say my hip didnt hurt and neither did my back.   Total time was an easy 1:04:06 avg pace of 6:25

10km data

Tomorrow I will decided how I am feeling and might do an 8km.   I wont be racing on Sunday as I dont know how to get to the event - even with GPS its all rather confusing so I will hang out here and do another long slow walk.... Pan Pacific Masters is my focus now in November and I really need to get my Kms up.

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