Tuesday, August 12, 2014

3000m fartlek and some repeats

Its a little breezy tonight but I really want to try a fartlek.  So I decided a 3000m fartlek was do able.

I warmed up and also did my drills to help get my hips moving.  The others were all doing 150m repeats so I knew I would have walkers around to try and pick off and this helps keep motivation up.

I started out on my fartlek and was really concentrating on my form.  Getting my hips round and lengthening my stride.  I was not going to too worried about time tonight..............oh who am I kidding..... I am always worried about my times.   Tonight was slow!!!   but I am trying hard.    I think that hearing from the others track side that they are all seeing my hips turning and Robyn even told me that I am dropping my hips for the first time.  So that supersedes the slow times.

1st km was 5.40
500m slow = 3.03  500m fast = 2.49
500m slow = 3.09 (i was also removing my jacket during this lap) 500m fast = 2.43

total time for 3000m was 17.26
3km fartlek

then I decided to do 3 x 200m and 1 x 400m   I was happy with these seeing as I had tried hard on my fartlek.

200m  = 1.01 and 1.02 and .59
400m = 2.09

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