Sunday, August 10, 2014

5000m Track Championships at St Lucia

After walking nearly 10km on the soft sand in a fun race on Saturday....I really wasnt feeling like getting up at 5.30am to drive into Brisbane for a 5000m track race.   I am not track fit by any means.

I was keen to try and hold the better style but reality is I know that it will be pretty hard to do.   I picked up Robyn at Movie World and we had a good drive with lots of chatting....nice to have company.   Arrived with time to do a short warm up and then it was into it!

I kinda felt "heavy" .... I guess just muscle tiredness from the last weeks training.   While I felt smooth it was nothing like on Tuesday night.   I still need to work on my stride length but that will come with the more I walk.   I got a caution for my left knee and I need to work on that side to help stabalize my hips.   I am pleased to say that nothing hurt.  My body held together well and while it was a touch stiff and sluggish...there was NO pain.   YAY.

my km splits show me getting 1 sec slower with each km and I was starting to tire from trying to hold the new style.... but a few seconds is nothing really and I am really pleased with my overall time.  28:55

5000m data

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