Wednesday, August 27, 2014

5km walkway

After a terrible training walk last Thursday..... walked with an oncoming storm hitting and with leaning into the wind I somehow wrenched my lower back.  I suffered with 3 days of terrible muscle pain and electric shocks each time I moved.  Finally after days of heat and ice ... it settled.

Tuesday night we went to Lady Gaga and I was worried that standing for hours and dancing on concret floors would hurt me more...but lucky for me it didnt seem to do so..... thank god I opted for sensible flat boots rather than fashion statement ones.

So its been 6 days since I have walked.....I was a touch nervous but I knew I needed to walk tonight.  I have been feeling out of sorts and cranky!!!   So I decided a quick step out along the walkway would be good..... at worst it would be an slow easy.... at best it would be a quicker and feel good.   I am pleased to say it was more towards the quicker feel good side.

Shane came along for a walk too so that I was not out on the walkway in the dark by my self.  (such a sweet heart)  My first km was an easy and slow pace to help warm up and easy the body back into it.   Then once I realised that I had gone 1km and nothing was hurting I slowly let myself push a little more.

I felt great...NOT fantastic ... but great.  Nothing was hurting - THAT to me is more important at the moment and I felt nice and smooth.  Total time for 5km was 31.07 for an avg pace of 6:13 per km.

5km data here

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