Sunday, September 07, 2014

Weekend of racing

Saturday I decided to head along to the track and enter the racing that was being held there.  It was more to add up numbers and it was not a race that would gain me anything...its called the PB meet and all I knew was that the junior walkers all needed to get times to qualify for upcoming races.

I was not too worried about how fast I would or wouldn't be.  I was more looking at this as a training walk and one to let me practice getting "more twist"   When I got to the track I was surprised to find that there was only one walker doing 5 km......she was MOST happy to see me.  I have not seen Kenza for awhile and turns out she has not walked in nearly a year.  She was hoping for a 32 min 5 km.  I was going to be thrilled with a 30 min one so she was going to try and stick by me.

Racing mid afternoon was weird and I am very glad that it was not hot...but the gusty breeze was annoying.   The race itself was uneventful.   Kenza did exactly what she hope NOT to do and went out way to fast and slowed just a rapidly.  I manged to stay pretty even for the whole walk and paced my self well.  I couldn't have gone much faster anyway.   I was really pleased to finish with a 29.17 so I will take that as my bench mark for the track season and try to improve on that.

Sunday was the Masters first track walk for the season.  It was an early one so I gave up my sleep in and headed out at 6.30 am for the track.  It was a little disappointing that only myself and Richard was there for the walks.... but with it being fathers day and Bridge to Brisbane race on too you can expect numbers to be down.  I was feeling a bit tired and a little sore but still keen to do the 3000 m.   Its get practice for the Pan Pacs where the race format is 5000 m Sat, 10km Sun, 3000 m Mon.  So I need to get used to 3 days in a row training and also pushing for racing too.

I am pleased to note that nothing ached and once I really warmed up I got faster.  I think I walked better today than I did yesterday.  Total time for 3000 m was 17:20

Later today we headed out to Harbour town and went to the movies.  While we were there we decided to stop in at the shop that sells Saucony shoes just to see if they had any decent racing flats....and wouldn't you know it.  Today they did, they had the Type 4 Racing flats on sale for $60.00 so I brought a pair to try and if they are really good.... I will head back this weekend and buy 2 or 3 more.  

5000m data

3000m data

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