Thursday, September 04, 2014

8km walkway

8km is on the cards for tonight's walk.   Was not too sure how it would go but I am not going to get any faster or fitter if I dont at least turn the feet over.

I guess leaping from the car and going straight into a racewalk is never ideal but its generally how my training walks go.  Tonight I was tight and tender for the first 500m but once I warmed up - I felt really good.

I was trying hard to add more twist to my walk.  I find that if I do 500m with twist and 500m relax it doesn't fatigue me so much.  That way I dont end up too hurt after either.  

As I was coming back on my 5th km, I passed an older portly gentleman who called out with a thick Russian accent.   One moment, moment.  So I stopped and went back to him ... in very bad English he told me he was a racewalk coach.  That he coaches top walkers - he said Vladimr (not sure how to spell it or it it is even that...its just what it sounded like)  He tells me ... good posture,  good arms ... MORE twist.  ( I was in my relax mode when he saw me)  I nodded and demonstrated more twist.  He gave me two thumbs up and said 'Much Better"   LOL  .... Guess you never know who you pass each day hey.

So I tried really hard to keep the more twist up for my next 3 km.   Being warmed up did help and I did manage to put more twist in my walk - which showed in my last 3km split times.

Total time for tonight's walk was 49.53 for avg pace of 6:14 per km

8km data

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