Sunday, September 21, 2014

5000m Masters Race

Headed to the track this morning for a 5000m track race.  I was really hoping to test out my speed and fitness.   Paul was going to be racing today and he and I are friendly competitive so I was hoping he would push me to a good time.

So few walkers today....more than last week though.  Myself, Kay, Debbie, Paul and Richard.  Why dont Brisbane Masters come up and walk with us in the track season?  I must ask someone why this is.

Race got underway by the watchful eye of Alf.   I felt good and was being careful not to go out too quick.  My toes were not hurting -- thank god!!  and I was trying to drop my hip and get good stride length.   My breathing was hard but not gasping.   I went through 3km in 17:01 ... pleased with that.  I kept expecting Paul to sneak up .. but today was not his day as he had worked late the night before and was feeling a bit fatigued.

One final push for home as I heard the bell I tried to pick up the legs were feeling a bit tired now.  I hit stop as I crossed the line..... and then looked at my time.   Whoop whooop.....28:39

I am totally THRILLED with that.

5000m data

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