Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wellington Relay

We decided that we would try to put together a team and head across to the Wellington Relay. It is raced over a marathon distance which means that we needed a team of 6. At the last minute one of our team members pulled out - leaving us with no chance to race for medals or any form of prize. We asked the officials if we could form a composite team and they let us ask another walker from another team to join us.

Even with this upsetting our night (which we drowned our sorrows....with way too much wine) we all marched up first thing in the morning for the race.

With 2 of us being total unknowns - we were watched with great interest from other teams.

Much to the surprize of most of the teams-we blitzed our way to third place.......just sadly the medals were given to 4th place.

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