Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kirsties Wedding Day

Kirsty and Keria - both are looking so stunning.

Here is Shane and I at the party.

Today was my cousin Kirstie's wedding day. Unfortunately for me, I came down with one of my "Migraine's" blasted things and so had spent all Friday night taking as many pain killers as I could with out knocking me over. After little sleep, we got up nice and early to head over but the car was full of dog hair and so due to us picking up my Grandma, we thought we should clean it out.....then out came the car wash....well needless to say we were late heading away...But the car looked beautiful!!!!!! (remember this)

Anyhow....we got to Blenheim and I shot away to see my best mate Rach and her kiddies. I got ready at her place and promptly had two wee twin girls lined up getting full makeup applied also....they are so adorable and even Sam got in on the act with the hair spray.

With the weather setting in we were not sure if it was still to be a beach wedding or a church wedding. Finally the call came was to be the beach. I zipped away and picked up my Grandma and then Shane and away we zipped to Rarangi. The wind was picking up and was fast becoming a southerly (for us Rarangians.....this means a howling gale!!!)

With my had firmly plastered on my head, we made the climb over to Monkey Bay. They had a wonderful spot...just infront of the rock face where it dips in to make a small cave. Two arch's made from drift wood had been set up with lovely purple flowers and flax. A perfect setting. Photo to come.

Kirsty looked a magical sight as she walked down the track to the bay, the wind playing with her flowing dress. Her wee daughter Keira was so beautiful. A precious wee dot that walked down hand in hand with her Auntie.

After a beautiful service they were pronounced man and wife, poppers were popped and bubbles were blown. We all made our way down to the community centre for the first round - much home brew was up for grabs...the Black Sambuca being one of the most popular. I could only watch as my head was just pounding. My auntie was awesome and gave me some pain killers and good advice.

The biggest bummer of the whole night................I crashed Shane's car on the way out of the party. I backed the car out from the car park but didn't allow enough room when I turned to drive out and I hit the passager side skirt on a large rock....I took the paint off the whole side skirt and smashed it underneath......Needless to say I am not the most popular at the moment....I am on punishment - 2 weeks of foot rubs and back rubs with no complaint and must refill all drinks with out question. :0) I dont mind that sort of punishment.

I also had a race the next day. So we went home and I took alot more painkillers and got a good nights sleep. Up at 6am and away to the start I went.

Todays race was a 10 miler from Nelson to Richmond. I had already decided not to push myself too much and my training partner had asked if I would like to walk together..which we did. Still beating her time from last year. We walked 16.1km in 1 hour 47mins .. not bad for a couple of chicks that were not feeling so flash!!! But I have spent the rest of the day laid up. My head ache did ease up while I was walking but came back with avengence later that day.

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Glennis said...

Well done Nyle, you beat me, I am still writing away! its funny how everybody sees things a little differently isn't it. Would be great to read other peoples veiw of things too.
Sorry about Shanes car, its such a lovely one too.
Just keep pouring those drinks out for him!