Thursday, October 23, 2008

Athletic Nelson Prize Giving

Last night was the end of year prize giving for the Athletic Nelson Club. They had quite a turn out and it really impressed me how many children there are in the junior grades and just how supportive all the parents were.

It was such a buzz watching these young ones come up and carry off trophies to proudly display at home for a year and to hear how well they have all done. The Tasman Centre has 37 NZ titles spread amongst all the runners. Thats a huge acheivement for the club.

Our walking team went along as we knew that Steve and I had won the Tasman Centre Road us both a trophy. What I didnt know was that I was awarded "The Most Improved Female Athlete of The Year" This has never been won by a walker before nor has a walker been nominated. I was just totally speechless.

So while I nurse a chest infection I sit here proudly looking at my trophy feeling very very chuffed with myself............and to think 10 years ago I thought Race Walking was the most ridiculas sport ever thought of....... WHO KNEW.

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Glennis said...

Congratulations Nyle, well done, nice to have recognition for your acheivements.