Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shoe Clinic 10km 2009

As a New Years Eve dare....I dared shane to enter the Shoe Clinic 10km race held in Nelson around monaco. He had been walking the 5km series with me and had just started to jog the odd few. So he took up the challenge and started training with me. Everything was going to plan until I pulled my calf muscle during a hard training session on the track. But this didnt stop me entering too.

The day dawned and it was going to be a super hot one. The race started at 4pm and the heat was horrid. At the start we were all told there would be no drink stations either......most of us dont carry water so it was a shock to us but not much could be done about it.

The race was more a training run for me as there was no competition in this one for me so I set into an easy pace but by the 5km mark was starting to suffer terribly from lack of water. At this stage shane caught up to me and jogged along beside me for some time but about 1km out I told him to head off and to his surprize he did. He bet me by 2 mins flat. So the challenge was laid by the walking team that shane should enter The Buller Half which shane nearly fell off his chair and spilt his beer!!! " 6 weeks you think I can jog 21.1km....."

and so the training began.......

Shane Sunderland 63.17


Nyle Sunderland 65.17

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