Friday, February 20, 2009

2009 World Masters Games

Well I cant beleive I am about to post this.

The World Masters Games are being held in Sydney this year, in October. It has been something of a small dream of mine that I should enter. I told a few people I would love to do it but didnt really think that it would be a posiblity.

After my success at The Buller Half Marathon, I started to look towards the end of the year with a great longing. Then some thing happened that made me change my priorities. What happened? A very sad event happened.....while competeing at the Buller as I neared the end an ambulance went out with lights and sirens blazing. Everyone was talking about this at the prize giving and then a couple friends of my training partner came over and told us of seeing a male walker colapase and they stopped running to asist and ended up giving CPR until the ambulance arrived. Lucky they were nurses. Well after that, no one knew who it was or any other details until I looked up on the Stuff Sight and went to the Westport paper and learnt of the persons name. It was a walker we all new, he was only 60 and his wife had walked that day too and had won her age group in the rec walk. They both come over to our events and compete and are well liked and respected. Sadly, he died on Weds afternoon after spending 4 days in intensive care.

This made me think that time is really too short and that why put off tomorrow what you can do today!! so I chatted to my hubby and he said go for it.

So I am officiall announcing that I have booked and paid for my flights and entry....

I am going to the 2009 World Masters Games in October!!!!

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Glennis said...

Wow, your really going!
Ofcause you will do just fine.

Your right, live life to the full, we never know how long or short its going to be.