Thursday, August 06, 2009

Everyone around me has the flu......

We have three guys at work walking around coughing and sniffing.....they wont go home as being boys they aren't "sick"..... Bah hum bug I say...I have told them all that the moment they oink they are outta here... lol

On a serious note lunch time today I was breaking out in cold sweats going hot and cold and have now developed an annoying tickly cough. Enough to interfere with my drills tonight. Lucky it is rest day tomorrow. But then I have a tough track session with 6 x 1km at 5:40 / min pace and then if I still have some energy there are our Club Road Champs on in the afternoon - 6km is the distance but will see how I am feeling.

Between now and October (Sydney World Masters Games) the only race I have is over in Wellington. The wellington Road Champs - 10km and its judged. So I am heading over in 3 weeks to get time in front of the judges and also a good time trial. My 5km pace is coming along nicely but I am struggling with my breathing by the 7km mark. I am told this will change and to keep pushing but its frustrating. Plus the last thing I need now is to get sick!!!

*****UPDATE******** here is a photo of me....aren't I the epitome of good health!!! as I lay on the couch feeling like an icicle. So much for retaining my trophy at the Club Champs today, I can barely walk down my hall way.

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malvs2walk said...

gosh, I hope you don't catch what those silly men are passing around your office!