Thursday, August 27, 2009

Photos From Wellington - Style Time

Well I guess we are our own worst critic's, but for a change I can look at these photos and say that all in all my style is not too bad. I still pull my shoulders up when under stress but am learning to recognize when I am doing it and to roll and drop my shoulders.

The link in the title takes you to the photographers site and you can see all the walkers photos (if interested)

But here are some of my favorite shots of the day.

The bottom photo is taken on Lap 3 where Teri and I battled back and forth for 1st & 2nd but she walked a great walk and lead out by Lap 4.


Rob said...

Good shots!
Hope you ignored judges as you went past them and didn`t slow down as you mentioned you tended to do.Have faith in your walking ability.Sure they will let you know if you are bad.They are their to help us walkers get it right as well.
Rob E

malvs2walk said...

Those are awesome race pics! Your form looks great!