Tuesday, August 04, 2009

New Compression Gear

I swear by compression gear. I first brought Skins - I brought long leg, short leg and a long sleeve top. At first I thought I had been duped into buying overpriced product until I did my first long distance walk in the long leg. Wow what a difference. So I raced out and brought the short leg and used these for official races. They were amazing. No muscle pain after a race, no wobbly muscles as you raced and just enough to keep you warm when really cold. After a year my skins were not as tight so I brought some 2XU long pants. These were good but they were rather see through from behind ... something I was rather conscious of when racing or training in groups.

So I decided to look for some new gear but I wanted some thing new. I ended up on Ebay and found the CW-X brand. These are a new product with compression bands that wrap around particular muscle groups. There were about 5 different pants to select depending on the muscle group you wanted to target. I selected the long pants and short leg to race in.

well they arrived today....................OMG!!!!! They look like they would fit a barbie doll but after carefully easing myself inch by inch...I did get them on. They felt amazing. They instantly worked each muscle group. I had just completed a fast 7km and my legs felt like bricks but once I put these on (took my 2XU's off) I felt like I could have done another 7kms easy. I will wear them tomorrow night for our 5km walk. I am very interested to see if they make a huge difference.

Click on the link above (title of post) and it will take you to the main site. I brought the Pro range. I found them on Ebay it was by far the cheapest place to get them.

But for anyone thinking about compression gear.....I recommend them. For either training in, racing in or recovering in.

*******update************** WOW is all I can say. I went out for a 5km walk tonight and was expected to do 29:30..............we rocked it in 29.09!!!!!!!!!!! these pants ROCK!!! I swear it was the pants, my legs have never felt so good.


Rob Elliott said...

Hi Nyle, coming on well I see! Sure even more time will drop off your 5kms soon. Have you got any races in NZ before you get to the "Masters" to try out new found speed? Interesting to read about compression gear..........can`t quite see myself in anything that tight though!
Have gone on to some of your links (Tammy, USA), lots of walking going on there as well. Best wishes to both of you.
Rob (Guernsey)

Rob Elliott said...
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Nyle said...

Thanks for the encouragement Rob. I have spent a few nights searching out other Race Walkers blogs as I love to read about others training and styles etc.

Yes the compression gear is not for everyone. I am trying to convince my training partner to try my old ones on but he said his wife wouldnt let him out in public in them. haha but he is thinking of trying them under his track pants. They make such a difference.

Rob said...

Hi Nyle
Have just added a few links at http://sarnia.wordpress.com/race-walk-links/ of sites I go to quite often. Noticed you had the Parish Walk in Isle of Man down, are you aware of his manxathletics site? Updated daily with walks and runs in the Island. Also get regular newsletters from Australia which are stored online.
Also came across a bit about Mike Parker (NZ). Re compression and clothes in general I only have to look at my daughter for a response if I have doubts about wearing something!

Nyle said...

thanks for that rob, Mike Parker is over in Finland at present. He got 4th in his race, I am sure he will be well pleased with that. I will check out those sites and add them to those I follow.

Tammy said...

Cool! I will have to try some of those. Good job on your flying fast 5K too!!!