Friday, August 21, 2009

Off To Wellington in the morning.

Just a quick post.

I have not "raced" a 10km for about 4 months. So I opted to fly to Wellington this weekend and race in their Wellington Road Champs. Main reason is that this race is judged and I need to get in front of judges before I go to Sydney.

I am also looking at it as a time trial too. I do hope I can get a fast time...a lot will depend on the weather as Wellington is well known for its "winds" and its forecast for clear sky's but northerlies.....

I also get very flustered when I am in front of judges. I tend to doubt myself and it does tend to make me go slower as I try to hard to have perfect form....the off shot of this is I normally end up with too short a stride and get that makes me more nervous and the circle goes on.... So tomorrow I am going to try really hard to not look at them and just go hard out and if I get a card to ignore it and push on harder. (easier said than done)

Due to me not belonging to a Wellington club, I cant win any medals or trophy's but I can get a certificate of entry......but that's OK I have not gone there for the medals, this time. best time for a judged 10km is 1 hour 3 mins. So anytime better than this will be fine.


Glennis said...

Good luck!

Rob Elliott said...

Just seen results online. well done, soon be under the hour mark!